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Huberman labs ltd

Fire foam concentrated laboratory

Glass Buildings


Huberman Laboratories is a complete analyzing firefighting foam concentrates test laboratory solution.

Our prime goal is to protect your facility from incapable foam in an event of fire.

Our tests and analysis capabilities were developed by an engineering staff with decades of firefighting industry experience and in continuous development to new technologies to provide best test services at effective cost.

Huberman Laboratories is Accredited ISO / IEC 17025: 2017 testing laboratory for international standards.

About us

The need for foam concentrates tests

Foam concentrates are very stable and are excellent candidates for long term storage with minimal or no effects on performance. However, the performance of a fire fighting foam concentrate can be compromised by the following factors:

  • Dilution

  • Extremes of temperature

  • Contamination

  • System failure

why to test

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