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Recommended sampling processes

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Sampling from a Drum

  • Take a 1 liter sample from the top of the drum

  • Vigorously shake the drum and take an additional 1 liter sample

Sampling from a Tank

If the foam concentrate is contaminated or decomposed, samples taken from the top and bottom of a storage container may have different physical properties. For this reason we recommend not to spin concentrates before sampling.

Generally, two samples per storage container is recommended. One sample from below and one sample from the top 1 liter each.

After taking the samples, do not swirl the container until the samples and results have been checked. However, if only one sample can be taken, then swirl the container for a “total sample” before taking a one-liter sample.

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Sampling from the bottom of a tank

When taking a sample from the bottom of a foam storage tank, it is important that any sludge, sediment, rust, scale, etc is removed before collection of the sample. To do this, draw off at least 5-10 liters of product before taking a sample.

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